All the partners are active in contexts where daily care for the elderly is one of the most significant social problems, involving not only families and the social/health sectors but also professional caregivers, often migrants.

The mix of countries involved in the LP represents countries which need more care assistants, at home or in RCUs, and already have high percentages of foreign professionals caregivers working at homea and in RCUs; and a country from where a significant number of women and men migrate in search of new work and life opportunities.

Studio Taf , Genoa, Italy (Coordinating Partner)
West Lothian College, Livingston, United Kingdom
SUPSI DSAN, Manno, Switzerland
KAPLAN CONSULTANTS, Paris, France Page in English on LeNeMi: . Page in French on LeNeMi:
Center for Vocational Training “Znanie”, Sofia, Bulgaria


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